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Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of specialists in the areas of Creative and IT Development for health applications, supported by a management team with a vast experience in marketing and project management. In addition, our sales, customer service, training, and technical specialists will work together to ensure a smooth and progressive integration of e-nate services. Here is e-nate’s management team:

  • Daniel Dargis, President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Juan Manuel Ramirez, General Director

  • François Poulin, VP Research and Development, Canada

  • Kimberly Lewis, VP Research and Development, USA

  • Mikael Reney, VP Development and Human Resources

  • Elvira Villazón, Director Research and Development, Latin America

  • Tom Dawson, General Director of Australia operations

  • Daniel Dargis, D.C.,
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    e-mail: drddargis@e-nate.com

    "Show me a man who can point a finger and I will show you his entrance to a never ending tunnel. Own your own experience and let all else follow."

    Dr Daniel Dargis has been very active in the chiropractic life. Born in a chiropractic family, he has served more than 13,000 differents patients in 17 years of practice. He opened 5 practices over his career and always loved to innovate in practice management , patient communication, education and technology. He is a passionate speaker and loves to share amongst his fellow anything that seems to help make a difference in their life. He participated in a mission in Moldavia in 1996. He has co-founded group Chiropratic Activie in 2003. He is co founder of NAM foundation for children and chiropractic. The immense potential to change the world and connect the profession of chiropractic together as well as enhance its worldwide implication, status and recognition drives him to make e-nate a leader in the chiropractic world.

    Juan Manuel Ramírez
    General Director
    e-mail: jmramirez@e-nate.com

    Mr. Juan Manuel Ramírez is a business administrator from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, with a specialization in finance. During his career, he has been the general manager of several successful organizations, including being General Manager of the Montreal office of the company Groupe Can-American Inc. He has also been in charge of the financial structuring of large infrastructure engineering projects in Latin America and the Caribbean as part of his mandate at Groupe Can-American Inc. and as an International Project Manager at the engineering firm Dessau-Soprin International.

    François Poulin, D.C.
    VP Research and Development, Canada
    e-mail: drfpoulin@e-nate.com

    "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

    Dr. François Poulin is a Chiropractic doctor from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa. He has become an expert in developing IT applications for the health sector. With the purpose of creating an integrated solution for chiropractic clinics and to develop the largest outcome measures / treatment database in the world to be used as a tool for research and knowledge interchange, Dr. Poulin was responsible for conceiving the revolutionary vision that is e-nate.

    Kimberly Lewis, D.C.
    VP Research and Development, US
    e-mail: drklewis@e-nate.com

    "No matter how hard you think you tried, the results are what matter. Forget your ego and let your potential flow."

    Dr. Kimberly lewis is a Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport Iowa. Dr. Lewis now practices in Aiken, South Carolina. Her goal as VP Research and Development, USA, of e-nate integrated health care services is not only to create the highest level of clinical accuracy when pertaining to treatment and documentation of the chiropractic patient but also to compile extensive statistical data for the Chiropractic community to use for research and treatment purposes.

    Dr Mikael Reney, D.C. ,
    VP Development and Human Resources Officer

    "Everything can be systematized. It's all a matter of how organized and prepared is the structure. Once it is all set up, you just let the system play its role. "

    Dr. Mikael Reney has a background in Software Development, Biochemistry and Chiropractic. He is currently Chair of Software Development for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. He has designed a few software solutions for chiropractors over the years. He is also Director of Research for GRBNA inc., a private research group with focus on Biomechanics and Applied Neurosciences. Dr. Reney owns two private chiropractic practices in Quebec.

    Elvira Villazón,
    Director Research and Development, Latin America
    e-mail: drevillazon@e-nate.com

    Dr. Elvira Villazón is a Medical Doctor from Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, with a specialization in Pediatric Cardiology from Universidad Militar, from the Children Cardiology Foundation in Bogota, Colombia, and from the Children’s Hospital in Panama. She was a fetal cardiology research instructor at Sainte Justine Hospital in Montreal, Canada, and collaborator in several articles in scientific magazines published in Spain, Canada and the United States. Has had an extensive experience in the diplomatic relations for over 20 years, which has allowed her to explore various international markets and business relations.

    Tom Dawson,
    General Director of Australia operations

    Dr Tom Dawson is a 1994 graduate of Palmer College in Davenport Iowa. Whilst at Palmer he was active as the student representative for academic affairs and president of the Greek council. Since 1994 he has been in private practice with his , and has been active with the Chiropractors Association of Australia Victorian branch on the public education committee.