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Welcome to a new world

e-nate welcomes you to sample the various features of our integrated services. As you interact with our fantastic functionality, we invite you to envision how integrating e-nate can enhance your professional life. Sample our Real Time Scheduler  or see how our EHR and Automated Documentation , Billing and Claims Manager and Automated Task Center can dramatically enhance your professional life.

See how your minute by minute everyday actions will enhance the scientific community. Integrate e-nate now and ensure that all that you do enriches the global knowledge.

Make the right business decision

Consider the advantages of our web services. You will find that a considerable reduction in business expenses can be easily achieved by integrating e-nate into your practice.

Lower hardware requirements and a substantial reduction in hardware maintenance will also be amongst the benefits of joining our community. File handling and documentation related costs will further substantiate your total economy.

Calculate your savings now

Put a smile on your CA and save big!

With e-nate, no more need for filing, all your data is accessible from any work stations in your clinic, even radiographs. So join e-nate now and see how our integrated services pay for themselves.

A Better Way to Build Software

e-nate is changing the game by finding a better way to develop software. We author and release new improvements and features on a regular basis and we are constantly monitoring our servers to ensure the most efficient software experience available today.