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e-nate Overview

When experienced doctors join hands with engineering to produce state of the art technology, you can expect nothing more then perfect ergonomics. e-nate is a vision born out of determination to see the digital world interface clinical reality. With offices growing stronger in Canada, USA and Australia, e-nate operations continue to focalize on innovative integrated functionalities to better manage, document and care.


Executives and directors

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Unleashing gigantic potential

With thousands of active patients benefiting from e-nate enhanced services, e-nate has set into motion a new perspective spawning the next generation of health care providers. Data derived patient management is the most innovative side effect of e-nate integration. Our data centers collect information at a speed never seen before in any health fields. The reality of large scale statistical knowledge will soon infuse the entire scientific and academic institutions with a new wind of excitement.

More than just software:

Users get continual support from the e-nate clinical solutions, which provide evidence-based decision support. e-nate efficiently condensed ergonomics, online technologies and the entire curriculum of the most reputable academic institutions, to bring you effectiveness and ease of use. Our philosophy is not problem solving, it is environment interfacing. e-nate is molded to your professional environment.

What’s with the name?

Innate intelligence is the logical life force that animates any living organisms into perfect balance of dynamic stability and harmony. We have selected that inspiration to reflect our vision to organize health care into a nervous system like structure. From our servers to your clinic and back, our promise is to enhance your professional experience and help maintain balance and flow thru better structure and possibilities.

Welcome to an e-nate new world!