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The new practice management generation

e-nate’s central vision is to improve management of chiropractic clinical operations by interconnecting doctors, suppliers, and patients through portable, secured transactional software interfaces. The purpose of this is to centralize clinical data such as SOAP notes and any other data in order to significantly enhance knowledge and understanding through statistical analysis.


The knowledge database is insufficient in the natural health care fields and the integration of various approaches is slowed down by the lack of homogeny in the standards of care. The quality of existing information and access to knowledge justifies the implementation of a portable data acquisition system adapted to the realities of the market.

The arrival of portable technologies now allows the realization of an electronic patient file, which permits centralized data collection.

Help with real time decision assistance and large scale statistical compilation, constitutes the tip of an iceberg with ramifications that will spawn a whole new generation of professional services. Welcome to the age of patient centric data management.

No more filing

Chiropractic assistants take several hours during the week just to pull out patient files and put them back where they belong. With e-nate, no more need for filing, all your data is accessible from any work station in your clinic, even radiographs. So join e-nate now and see how our integrated services pay for themselves

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