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Welcome to e-nate integrated services
e-nate is more than just chiropractic software, it is a revolutionary new approach to clinical notes, a completely integrated chiropractic management system and a paperless office all in one fantastic bundle and it enhances research.


More about e-nate benefits...


Fast and Complete Record Keeping

Clinical notes are easy to keep with e-nate. Record just about any finding within a chiropractic patient visit with little effort. SOAP notes are generated for you.

Smart Automated Reports

Reports are created automatically after you input data in e-nate. With the single click of a button, you will be printing out detailed reports of what was done to that patient on a particular day.


Easy and affordable integration

E-nate is not software; it requires no installation on your computer, being accessible from the internet. Thus, it is very easy to integrate in your clinic. All you need are terminals that cost the fraction of the price of computers, reducing substantially the cost of integration.

Rock-solid security

Security is very important when dealing with sensible data contained in health care files. That is why e-nate incorporates the same security protocols hospitals use all over the world to transfer data. On top of that, the engineering behind e-nate insures that no confidential data can actually be intercepted.

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No More Filing

Chiropractic assistants takes several hours during the week just to pull patient files and put them back where they belong. With e-nate, no more need for filing, all your data is accessible from any work stations in your clinic, even radiographs. So join e-nate now and see how our integrated services pay for themselves.

No More Backups

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your clinic would burn or be flooded and your last backup was a week ago? E-nate services bring you peace of mind and simplicity. You donít have to backup anything since everything is backed up at multiple sites as you work. You could even access your patient files from home! It is impossible to loose data with e-nate.

Easy and flexible Billing

Our intuitive billing interface will make your chiropractic assistantís life much easier. Superbills are even printed on the fly.

Innovative Scheduling

The innovative graphical design and ergonomy of e-nateís scheduling book will make you wonder why you ever used that old text- based software. Booking is fluid and virtually effortless.

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Interactive Patient Login

Patients are issued a WellbeingCard they use every time they come into your clinic. With the use of a touch screen, patients will actually tell e-nate how they feel on every visit. Imagine never having to discuss simptomatology.

Visual Progress Tracking

Since the patientís progress is tracked with the login station every time the patient comes in, you can actually see their symptomatic and health progress on graph. The graph also helps you zoom in to the best clinical course of action on anytime and to instantly assess the efficiency of your clinical decisions.

Efficient Patient Flow

Your clinic will have a much smoother patient flow once you integrate e-nate services in your clinic. Everything is so much easier without paper!

Improved Compliance and Retention

The whole system is designed for the doctor to be more efficient with patient education resulting in improved patient compliance to care and better patient retention.

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